Alcohol Cessation Education Given by Nnawuihe Ugo Nwosu, MS, MBA, CHES

Alcohol Cessation Education Given by Nnawuihe Ugo Nwosu, MS, MBA, CHES
Many Reasons Why You Not Consume Alcohol Include:
·     Alcohol damages your health in many ways
·     It destroys your relationships with friends and family
·     Alcohol can destroy your personal records
·     You can end up in jail because of alcohol
·     You can develop poisoning resulting from excessive drinking of alcohol
Do you Want to Stop Drinking? Here are Useful Tips
·     You must clear all alcohol in your home and place of work
·     You should not skip your meals
·     You should avoid your friends who drink alcohol
·     You should not go to places where such drinking friends frequently visit
·     You must set your personal goals for quitting alcohol
·     Personal reinforcement is important so decide today what you want to achieve
·     You should empower and educate yourself about quitting alcohol
·     You must be determined to work very hard at this self-decision
·     You must apply patience because the road to quitting is long and difficult
·     You should visualize yourself as sober and happy to quit, and you must not allow anyone to change your determination to quit
What are the Risks and Consequences of Drinking Alcohol?
When you consume much alcohol you run the following health risks:
·     Looking anemic and being fatigued
·     Developing  breast, and cancers of the esophagus, colon, pharynx and larynx
·     Developing cardiovascular health problems
·     Possibility of liver cirrhosis
·     Problem of dementia and instability may set in
·     You may develop depression, anxiety problems and mental health disorders
·     You may start having seizure problems
·     You can develop problems of the gout
·     You can develop elevated blood pressure, kidney and heart disorders
·     You run the risk of contracting infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS.STDs because of alcohol-related risky sexual activities
·     Alcohol decreases body immunity and this can escalated diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia
·     Excessive alcohol consumption causes nerve damage and erectile dysfunction
·     Some babies are born deformed due to alcoholism by pregnant mothers
·     Alcoholism results to low birth weights, miscarriages and premature births
·     Drinking alcohol may lead to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs)
·     Broken homes and loss of employment result from alcoholism
·     Alcoholism causes vehicular injurie, fall accidents, drownings and burns.
·     Excessive alcohol consumption is known to escalate domestic violence, homicides, suicidal tendencies, sexual-related assaults, and intimate partner violence problems
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Stop drinking and save your life today!
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Nnawuihe Ugo Nwosu is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a doctoral candidate based in Maryland, USA. He is also a partner and resource person with Center for Public Health.

Alcohol Cessation Education Given by Nnawuihe Ugo Nwosu, MS, MBA, CHES

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