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With your donations and support  we will save more lives. Many people in Nigeria that is living with diabetes and hypertension have suffered a lot of complications and most times have died prematurely especially among the lower socioeconomic class who can not afford the regular medication and test involved in the control and management of Diabetes/hypertension. Families have watched helplessly their loved ones dying because they can not afford the insulin and other drugs required to control his/her blood sugar and Blood pressure. Many have ended with renal failure due to complications of diabetes. These people are not covered with any health insurance. Most times they wait in agony for their painful deaths very sad. Our charity has adopted the poor, less privileged and vulnerable people living with diabetes and hypertension who can not afford their treatment, worst hit are some pensioners who have not received their pension for twenty one months. But today we can save their lives


SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGN: Click on the link below

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