Meet miss Glory Obi, an 11 year old daughter of a widow, Mrs. Ogochkwu Obi.

Glory, her age notwithstanding, looks a lot smaller in size than her real age.

Doctors say the reason she has retarded growth is as a result of a health condition known as Multiple Pituitary Hormone Deficiency and congenital heart disease.

Medical experts also say the condition is reversible with the necessary medications which must commence early in a child’s life before the full formation of his or her bones.

Unfortunately, Glory’s situation had taken too long to commence treatment due to financial constraints for her single mother.

Recently, an organization known as Jesus Christ is the way Ministry in Sweden got to know about her case through a Non-Governmental Organisation, Centre for Public Health Initiative, and sent down a donation of N81, 158 to the mother to help her start up a small scale business to help her cater for her family and also easily access the necessary drugs required to stimulate her daughter’s growth.

Mrs. Obi on receiving the cheque, thanked the donors for their magnanimity and recalled that money had been a major factor in her pursuit to get her daughter develop like other kids.
Dr. C’ Fine Okorochukwu the Director of Centre for Public Health Initiative explained that the hormonal problem the young girl is suffering from is easily corrected when detected early with treatment following immediately.

He said that even though Glory’s case is starting a bit late, he hopes there will be an improvement of her condition.

Little Glory, a vibrant and smart kid, even though shy with strangers, has the dream of becoming a medical doctor someday.


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