United Nations Youth Representatives Profiles

The Center for Public Health is a recognized NGO at the United Nations in New York City. In partnership with Lehigh University, CPH has three passionate youth representatives who work at the United Nations Headquarters to advocate and network on CPH’s behalf. These biographies highlight the three current youth representatives serving CPH.

Amy Eremionkhale

Amy actively works to promote and represent the voice of the Center for Public Health at the U.N. via her attendance at various U.N. DPI sessions, her membership in relevant U.N. Committees, and her endeavors to network with her fellow Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) representatives and an assortment of U.N. employees. Over the years, Amy has proven to be a valuable advocate for the need to foster sustainably good health practices and well-being, which is a core goal of the Center for Public Health. Her enthusiasm, reliability, dedication, and upbeat character traits are beneficial in her efforts to represent the Center for Public Health and the voices of the Youth Representatives around the world at the United Nations.   
Amy was recently elected from among her peers as the first student to become an ex-officio members of the UN DPI NGO Executive Committee, and as a member of the U.N. Executive Committee Youth Subcommittee. In these capacities, Amy serves as both a ‘Youth’ voice on the Executive Committee and works to communicate the Executive Committee activities to the Youth Representatives throughout the DPI sphere.
Amy Eremionkhale holds BSc degrees in Economics, Accounting, and Accounting Information Systems from Canisius College. She also received an MBA with a concentration in Accounting from Canisius College. She holds an MSc in Financial Economics from the University at Buffalo, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Economics at Lehigh University. Her fields of study are Applied Econometrics, Health Economics, Labor Economics, Microfinance, and Public Policy.

Sophia Mayone

Sophia Mayone is a sophomore at Lehigh University pursuing a B.S. in Biopharmaceutical Engineering. She joined the Center for Public Health as a UN Youth Representative in August of 2018. Sophia is excited about her work with CPH because of her interest in connecting the technologies she learns about in the classroom with real-world, public health efforts. Currently, Sophia is focused on increasing CPH’s presence at the United Nations by applying for planning committee positions and advocating on CPH’s behalf at the UN. She actively attends several briefings per semester at the UN Headquarters in New York, NY, where she networks on behalf of CPH, as well as reports back to Nigeria on topics in which CPH is interested.

Sophia plans to work in biotechnology after graduation with a focus on engineering products that address serious medical needs across the globe. On campus, Sophia is a member of the varsity women’s rowing team, a writing tutor, and a residential advisor for the sustainability house. She also works in a laboratory which is focused on developing a treatment for traumatic brain injury, work that she is interested in because of her love for the brain and because of the importance that this treatment has across all socioeconomic classes and geographical areas. To Sophia, the application of the knowledge she learns in school to real-world, pressing issues is what drives her focus at the university level and beyond.

Devin Yeatter
Devin Yeatter is a sophomore at Lehigh representing the Center for Public Health in his role as a United Nations Youth Representative. His efforts for the organization have included researching relevant grants with his fellow Youth Representatives and visiting the UN on behalf of CPH. He is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Real Estate and dedicates much of his time to the Steel Battalion Army ROTC program on campus. Here he develops his leadership and teamwork skills while preparing to serve in the US Army after his graduation from college.
Devin takes part in many other organizations and efforts around Lehigh’s campus. He is a Project Manager with Tamid Group, choosing to utilize his business consulting knowledge to assist Israeli companies. In addition, he is a member of several political organizations such as College Democrats and the Coalition for Concerned Students where he has conducted various political activism related activities such as assisting in the registration of voters. In his free time he enjoys performing improv comedy to destress.

United Nations Youth Representatives Profiles

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