Passionate Appeal, Donate to save lives

Dear Sir/Madam

I’d like to tell you a bit more about CENTRE FOR PUBLIC HEALTH and an exciting new opportunity we have been given.

CENTER FOR PUBLIC HEALTH works in Nigeria providing free drugs and medical services to poor, indigent and vulnerable people with hypertension and diabetes who cannot afford their healthcare cost especially the pensioners who have not received their pension for 25 months. Since we were founded in 2006, we have assisted 100,000 people. For example, just last year we helped Mr. Udo I Udom (pensioner) a diabetic and hypertensive patient, with a high level of blood sugar and high blood pressure, who could not afford his treatment by providing him with free drugs and consultation, currently his blood sugar and blood pressure is under control. 


We’re also going to need your help spreading the word! Please share this opportunity with your friends and family! Thank you!


Dr. C’fine Okorochukwu

Executive Director

Centre for Public Health


Passionate Appeal, Donate to save lives

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