Year: 2020

Free Online Medical Consultation in support of the People

 Centre for Public Health in a bid to support the people during this socioeconomic crisis/hardship from COVID 19 pandemic, is now offering a free online consultation in support of the people, from 29th October to 10th November 2020.  To access this just click on the link Free Online Doctor Help to spread this message

Nigerian NGO President Visits Campus By Amy Eremionkhale, Sophia Mayone, and Devin Yeatter

Nigerian NGO President Visits Campus By Amy Eremionkhale, Sophia Mayone, and Devin Yeatter On Friday, September 28th, the Lehigh University/United Nations (LU/UN) Partnership hosted Dr. C’Fine Okorochukwu on campus. Dr. Okorochukwu is the founder and director of the Center for Public Health (CPH), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nigeria. Among other services, CPH acts […]

Breaking News: Just from the comfort of your home You can talk to a doctor

Book An appointment with a doctor click  HERE  REJOICE NOW: Just from the comfort of your home, you can now consult Doctors of different specialties Doctors can be hard to reach, illnesses can occur in the middle of the night, and sometimes you just have a question in which an answer can make a lot […]

Immune Boosting Foods By Linda Iroegbu

  About Linda Iroegbu   Linda is a Public Health Nutritionist (M.Sc.) and Food Scientist (B.Sc.) with two Academic Research Publications in reputable Journals. She has a keen interest in Food Security, Preventive Medicine, and Health Literacy. As a competent and dynamic young lady, Linda has not only worked with various Health Institutions and Non-Governmental […]

JOIN Africa Civil Society Organization Forum

Let’s come together to form a continental CSO Network for Africa Development. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Dr. C’fine  Okorochukwu is the founder of Centre for Public Health, an organization he started from the University of Nigeria as an undergraduate with seven of his friends, then a University-based organization, he nurtured it to a National organization […]


Strengthening our immune response has become more important than ever in recent times. Our diet and lifestyle choices are our first line of defense and they can have a profound impact on our immune system and the ability to fight and ward off pathogens.  While nothing can humanly guarantee absolute wellness, evidence shows that you can […]

COVID 19: Medical online Consultation. Stay Safe

Join  PinkMobile today to enjoy online medical consultations from the comfort of your home and office, call your doctor any time without restraints,   no more waiting for a long time in the hospitals, no more traveling a long distance for what you can resolve online. You will now have access to many specialties both in […]

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