Call for Establishment of food Banks

Centre for Public Health is committed to making sure that the welfare of the vulnerable group in our communities is not compromised during the impending lockdown that is inevitable during the COVID19  pandemic.  Whereas we are aware that we have a large population of Nigerians who can not afford or withstand the lockdown. Hence, we are calling on all religious bodies, churches, groups, organizations, and clubs to support the creation of FOOD BANKS in their communities.

If you are willing to get involved by volunteering in the FOOD BANK, send your

1.      Name

2.      Phone numbers

3.      Emails

4.      The community you want to serve

Send the details to or Whatsapp only: +2348037446884

Together we will overcome.

Dr. C’fine Okorochukwu
Centre for Public Health

Call for Establishment of food Banks

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