How to protect your mental health during COVID19 Lockdown

How to protect your mental health during this period:
 I know many people are passing through an anxiety crisis and highly agitated.
1. Recognize that anxiety is normal and expected. Regular hand washing, hand sanitizer, don’t shake hands, don’t touch your face is enough to drive somebody crazy. That is living in fear. It understandable.  Only base your information from a reliable source.  Stay away from social media and news if you feel so agitated.
2. Create distractions: get a lot of novels and storybooks for your children.  
3. Buy a lot of indoor games, play with your family
4. If you can afford musical instruments such as piano, guitar, saxophone try and learn it with your family.
5. If you have a large space for badminton and table tennis buy and practice with your family.
6. Watch movies
7. Connect with family and friends through phone and social media
8. Tend your garden, flowers, etc
9. Read your holy books Bible, Quoran, etc
10. Write books, poems, etc
With a strong schedule, you will not feel any mental distress

Dr. C’fine Okorochukwu
Centre for Public Health

How to protect your mental health during COVID19 Lockdown

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