Month: April 2020

PinkMobile: New Online Medical Consultation

BREAKING NEWS: PinkMobile Have your medical consultation from the comfort of your home and office, you can talk to a doctor of your choice. Avoid long waiting hours in the hospitals and clinics, book an appointment with your doctor here  click here to get started with PinkMobile With the onset of the COVID 19 that […]

Online Doctor Appointment Form

Talk to a doctor from the comfort of your home without stepping out and at your convenience! With the onset of the COVID 19 that is now pandemic. It is now not advisable for people to visit hospitals and clinics for minor non-emergency complaints. Hence in line with social distancing, the use of online consultations […]

COVID-19: Fact Vs. Fiction

COVID-19: Fact Vs. Fiction There suddenly is so much information circulating about the new coronavirus that it can be hard to know what is fact or fiction.  To provide and share reliable information, Partners In Health consulted with its infectious disease experts and trusted global health resources to break down prevailing myths related to COVID-19, the disease resulting […]

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