A Conversation on Women’s Health and Empowerment in Nigeria- CSW 65 Parallel Event


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discussion in the United Nations CSW 65 parallel Event

Professionals and Activists just like you are uniting to demand equality in this generation, equality/equity in healthcare, child and maternal health by sharing their ideas for actions they want governments, corporations and others to take for a gender-equal world.  
 By joining this collaborative space, you will connect with people from across the globe to shape a shared vision for our future. Your voice matters.

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INVITATION: A Conversation on Women’s Health and Empowerment in Nigeria

We cordially invite you to our parallel event, “A Conversation on Women’s Health and Empowerment in Nigeria.”

The Maternal Mortality Rate in Nigeria is still the highest, while Nigeria in 2018 stands 917/100,000. The implication is that for every 100,000 pregnancies, 917 pregnant women will die due to pregnancy or complications. This death is equivalent to three (3) or four-passenger jets crashing. Why is there nobody raising the alarm? Compare this to Ghana with 308/100,000, South-Africa 119/100,000, Senegal 315/100,000, USA 19/100,000, Canada 10/100,000, UK 7/100,000, Chad 1140/100,000.The percentage of pregnant women attended to by skilled health workers during child delivery in 2018. Only 43% of pregnant women were attended to by skilled workers in Nigeria; this means that 57% of pregnant women were treated and delivered by unskilled workers or quacks. When placed side by side to Ghana, where 71% of the pregnant women are attended to by skilled workers, South Africa 97%, Senegal 68%, USA 99%, Canada 99%, U.K. 99%, Chad 20%.  Women empowerment is a major factor in reducing these rates. The event is organized as an interactive workshop and will establish working groups to chart a new action plan of intervention in Nigeria.

We hope to see you there: 3/19/2021 13:30 EST ( 6:30 PM WAT)

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Let us form a network and partnership to save the lives of women.




A Conversation on Women’s Health and Empowerment in Nigeria- CSW 65 Parallel Event

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