2021 International Women Day: Let’s move from Talk to Action

Let’s move from Talk to Action

2021 International Women Day

It is another day for beautiful speeches in the major cities of the world. It is another day to roll out an action plan, target, and dreams. There is no actual effort from the government to realize these targets, especially in developing countries. Many social media users will share their stand with women and girls without any action.

There is nothing on the ground to protect the girl child, stop the Gender-Based Violence, guarantee and establish an enabling environment that will ensure maternal and child health. The little achievement so far is from the non-state actors CSOs, NGOs, and international organizations. These efforts are highly appreciated.

Gender-Based Violence, Especially Domestic Violence, is now a pandemic. The incidences of rape are increasing with the assailant walking away free and victims being blamed and abandoned to suffer.

How many rescue homes do we have? All states should establish a Domestic Violence Response Team. This should be replicated in all the communities.

Report All cases of Domestic Violence

Support Gender Equality today

2021 International Women Day: Let’s move from Talk to Action

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