Global Action Network: Call for action on Gender issues: Women Health


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Dear Colleagues,

There is an urgent need for this Special call to build a formidable network and partnership among civil society organizations worldwide. It is a fact that with a functional network and collaboration, a lot is achievable.

In the past couple of decades, we have been advocating for improved maternal and child health. While many countries have moved on, others were left behind, so sad. In Nigeria, for every 100,000 pregnancies, about 917 pregnant women will die due to pregnancy or pregnancy complications. It is not news because most of the deaths are among the poor, in the poor communities, in developing countries. It is not news because they lack the voice; they are voiceless. We have to speak for them and act for them.

Gender-Based Violence, Especially Domestic Violence against women, is now a pandemic that escalated during the COVID 19 pandemic. However, the achievement with regards to gender equality remains small. The progress is slow; furthermore, we must do a lot to move from advocacy to action. We need to come together, hence the importance of this network/partnership, “Global Action Network.”

Click to Join the Global Action Network (GAN):

Kindly accept this invitation to join our Virtual CSW 65 Parallel Event in the United Nations “Conversation on Women Health and Empowerment, 19th March 2021, 13.30 EST (6.30 PM West Africa Time)

Global Action Network: Call for action on Gender issues: Women Health

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