2022 WORLD AUTISM DAY: Centre for Public Health, Zambia in collaboration with National Autism Association Zambia organized an awareness walk and talk in the beautiful city of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. Autism is one of the conditions that are not receiving adequate attention in developing countries. Awareness about this condition is still very […]

Call for Volunteers and Partnerships

We are looking for volunteers and partners to work with the Centre for Public Health a Non-Governmental, Not for Profit organization. Centre for Public Health is not partisan nor with any religious inclination. There are no racial or gender discriminations. It is registered in Nigeria and the United States of America, we are now expanding […]

2021 International Women Day: Let’s move from Talk to Action

Let’s move from Talk to Action 2021 International Women Day It is another day for beautiful speeches in the major cities of the world. It is another day to roll out an action plan, target, and dreams. There is no actual effort from the government to realize these targets, especially in developing countries. Many social […]

Global Action Network: Call for action on Gender issues: Women Health

  There is no success without U Dear Colleagues, There is an urgent need for this Special call to build a formidable network and partnership among civil society organizations worldwide. It is a fact that with a functional network and collaboration, a lot is achievable. In the past couple of decades, we have been advocating […]

A Conversation on Women’s Health and Empowerment in Nigeria- CSW 65 Parallel Event

CLICK TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT                                                                    Join my discussion in the United Nations CSW 65 parallel Event Professionals and Activists just like […]

Free Online Medical Consultation in support of the People

 Centre for Public Health in a bid to support the people during this socioeconomic crisis/hardship from COVID 19 pandemic, is now offering a free online consultation in support of the people, from 29th October to 10th November 2020.  To access this just click on the link Free Online Doctor Help to spread this message

Nigerian NGO President Visits Campus By Amy Eremionkhale, Sophia Mayone, and Devin Yeatter

Nigerian NGO President Visits Campus By Amy Eremionkhale, Sophia Mayone, and Devin Yeatter On Friday, September 28th, the Lehigh University/United Nations (LU/UN) Partnership hosted Dr. C’Fine Okorochukwu on campus. Dr. Okorochukwu is the founder and director of the Center for Public Health (CPH), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nigeria. Among other services, CPH acts […]

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